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by Bryan on July 2, 2009

Cincinnati is blessed with a number of really good ice cream places. The quality of Graeter’s,  Aglamesis Brothers, and Schneider’s Sweet Shop is undeniable, even if folks argue what the best is. But you know, sometimes you just want a soft-serve ice cream. There is nothing like the old-time “Creamy Whip”, “Whippy-Dip” or whatever you choose to call it. Putz’s Creamy Whip is definitely one of those old-time soft-serve ice cream stands. And please, pronounce it “Put-zes”, make sure you pronounce the first syllable like “put”.

Our friend Pam introduced us to Putz’s a few years ago. From what I understand it is a west-side staple. Luckily they do not check for west-side credentials or secret handshakes, so we have enjoyed going on a number of occasions.

They have been around since 1938 and even survived the building of I-74. According to their web site, I-74 was re-routed to preserve the restaurant. You can view their menu and prices online. But let’s be clear here, for us it is all about the whippy dip. Your choices in ice cream are the classics; Chocolate, Vanilla and Twist. They have all the standard toppings and also can make a sundae, soda, shake, or malt.

The stand has two walk-up windows in a cinder block building:


The building is surrounded by a small parking lot, some benches and picnic tables. Just to the west is a small field with a number of additional picnic tables.

I went with the simple chocolate. This is a small:


My son got his first solo cone. This is the kid-sized twist:


Mom offered to monitor son’s consumption, and waited to get her own twist with rainbow sprinkles until I finished and took over. I was on kid patrol at that point, so did not get a picture of her cone.

You can go to their web site and click on photos to see more pictures of the location and customers.

No one is ever going to throw Putz’s into the argument of best ice cream in Cincinnati, but you know, sometimes you just want a whippy dip. When that time comes, Putz’s is a great choice. You can find Putz’s directly off I-74 at Exit 17 Montana Ave.

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