Schneider’s Sweet Shop

by Bryan on November 2, 2008

We discovered a Schneider’s Sweet Shop a number of years ago. It is located just across the river in Bellevue, Kentucky.

It’s claim to fame is the Ice Balls with Ice Cream. Basically, you take a scoop of ice cream, add shaved ice and the flavoring. I like Chocolate ice cream, and Cherry ice. Think of a cold cherry tootsie pop. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day for this for the season.

Another seasonal treat is candied and caramel apples. I’ve never been a big fan of candied apples (hard red sugar coating) but I love caramel apples, and theirs are great. They have plain, with nuts, with Mamp;Ms, with chocolate and a turtle apple that adds chocolate and nuts to the caramel. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, they have made the last ones for the year, so you’ll need to head over soon to get them while they last.

Their ice cream is very good. I still prefer Graeter’s, and theirs is more like Aglamesis than Graeter’s, but it is good. The banana is especially tasty. They also have very good homemade candy and fudge.

If you haven’t been, and are looking for a new sweet tooth experience, I highly recommend the short trip.

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