Take the Cake Cafe: Savories

by Bryan on August 13, 2009

I already reviewed Take the Cake once, but this time I wanted to look at the savory side of Take the Cake. In addition to the great sweets they have every day, Take the Cake Cafe has daily specials they offer for lunch. The specials change every day, and usually get updated on their web site late morning.

The common theme of all the specials are fresh ingredients and great presentations. My all-time favorite Take the Cake special is the North Carolina BBQ that one of the owners partner makes.

This is a vinegar and pepper-based pulled pork barbecue. I am a huge fan of vinegar-based sauces, and this is easily my favorite pulled-pork sandwich in the city. It was served on a hoagy roll with cole slaw and some sliced cucumbers.

I am not a cole slaw fan, so the first thing I did was to take it off the sandwich and dig in. Fortunately I did a poor job of removing the cole slaw and got a little with the first bite. The next thing I did was put the cole slaw back on. This was a great add to the sandwich. It blended perfectly with the pulled-pork.

This is a great example of how a Take the Cake savory comes together. They take the best ingredients they can find and assemble a great entree. In this example they take Jame’s secret family recipe NC-Style pulled pork, whip up a fresh cole slaw that perfectly matches the sandwich and put it on a roll they source from Shaddeau Breads.

Another common theme they have with the specials are buttermilk biscuits. They do a number of variations on the Eggs Benedict using a biscuit. They have all been delicious, and I never even knew I liked poached eggs before I had the first one. I hope to try one of the soups soon, everyone I know that has had one has complimented them.

Now a disclaimer. TTC is not the kind of place I would normally like. I am typically not the kind of diner that wants something new each time. I tend towards that one dish I like at a place. You can’t do that at TTC. And you know what… I’ve survived multiple visits.

Now there is a reason that I am posting this review today. Tomorrow and Saturday will see the re-emergence of Jame’s NC-Style BBQ sandwich. It is only the second time that it has appeared on the menu (and 119 days after selling out the first time, not that I am counting). He has promised he has making a double-batch this time, but I am still planning on showing up Friday. Do yourself a favor, try it out. Actually do yourself a favor, and go to TTC for lunch during the week, or brunch on Saturday. It is definitely worth the trip.

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