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by Bryan on December 17, 2008

We found ourselves with the luxury of a night on the town when our church sponsored a parent’s night out. We could drop the boy off and hit the town. So we wanted to try out a new spot. I had heard one of the local bloggers rave about Nada, and we like our Mexican, so we chose that for our night out.

Nada is located right next to the Aronoff in the old Bella space. I had heard both raves and rants about the place. The main complaints were expensive, pretentious and loud. One person couched their dislike as over-priced for what you get. We tried to enter with an open mind. They had a El Yucateco on the table, though not my preferred green habanero hot sauce, but a good sign.

We started the meal with the chips amp; salsa ($2), guacamole (single – $7), Tortilla Soup (I think $7, not seeing on the menu). We both liked the salsa, and the chips were OK, though a touch greasy and salty for our tastes. Since they are made fresh each day, it may reflect a bad batch. D went for the guac (not a fan myself) and she enjoyed it. The soup was great, kind of a tomato-based tortilla soup. Of course, we are now $16 down, and no entrees.

For entrees, we both went for a cazuela. Basically a thick stew served in an iron pot with rice on the side. I chose the tinga poblana ($21), which was very nice, and D chose the pork green chile ($19), which I liked a lot from my small sample. There is a lot of food in those pots. We both had leftovers for lunch, that were just as tasty a day or two later. Still, that is another $40 bringing the total to $56 before any drinks.

I would definitely recommend Nada for a nice night out. I didn’t find the music that loud, in fact I may not have even taken note had that not been one of the negatives brought up. Our waitress was super helpful and nice, and that goes a long way to making it a pleasant night out.

We will definitely be back, but probably can’t afford to do it that often. What can I say, I’m cheap.

I almost forgot. They have a web site. Just be sure to look for the audio controls at the bottom of the page to stop the annoying music. The good news is they have menus available, the bad news is that they are just pdf files you have to download to see, kind of lazy imo. So now you know why I almost forgot about providing a link to the web site.

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