Ruthai’s Lunch Buffet

by Bryan on March 5, 2010

I am a big fan of Ruthai’s, you can read my previous review for more details. In February Ruthai started a Lunch buffet. Every Tuesday-Thursday you can get the buffet at Ruthai for $8. Of course, they launched the buffet right when we got a lot of snow, so I did not make until the end of the second week.

The Buffet on that day included 5 entrees, spring rolls, rice and sushi. I let Tim and Ruthai guilt me into the buffet (I was panning on just getting a lunch combo) and I sure was glad I did.

I tried the Emerald Curry, Thai Spicy and Soy Sauce Noodles. I was not a fan of the Soy Sauce Noodles, but the other two dishes were excellent and continues to expand my list of choices at this restaurant. As I explain to folks, I tend to be a one dish per restaurant kind of guy. Ruthai has broadened my horizons more than any restaurant.

I have not crossed over to sushi fandom yet, but another impressive feature of the buffet is that it includes sushi.

An $8 buffet that includes sushi seems a pretty good deal to me. It’s a great opportunity to try out some new Thai dishes. I just wish Ruthai wasn’t all the way out in Mt. Lookout.

Tim has started tweeting the daily buffet menu @ruthaiskitchen so you can check out what is on the buffet for the day. Of course if he forgets to tweet it, they do have this new-fangled device called a “telephone” that you could use to check what’s on the menu.

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