Red Fox Grill

by Bryan on March 10, 2010

The Red Fox Grill has been around for a long time. It is located in an unassuming building catty corner to P&G’s Central Building. I have heard it called P&G Cafeteria North. It is a classic grill that serves sandwiches, soups and burgers. I have been going here long enough to remember the Dry Cleaner that used to share part of the building.

But you know what, this is bacon week, and there is a really good reason why the Red Fox is highlighted this week. They serve excellent breakfast sandwiches. Their sausage sandwich isn’t just one patty, not two, but three patties. Of course I am going to talk about the Bacon sandwich. It has a generous portion of bacon (4-5 slices), eggs and three slices of bread. You can order it as a combo with one less slice of bread. I always choose the wheat bread, you know, because that makes it healthy.

The sandwich consists of  three slices of toast, Egg on the bottom (I go scrambled), bacon on the top with butter. I substitute a little mayo for the butter because… why not?

I live in OTR-Near and mainly work from home now. That doesn’t stop me from swinging by to pick up a breakfast sandwich now and again. I am so accustomed to getting it to go (wrapped in paper) that I was surprised at how different it tastes at the restaurant. I prefer takeout. In the time it takes me to get home (or to an office downtown) the steam from the hot bacon and eggs softens the toast to a perfect consistency. Sorry, if you can read that last sentence and NOT go to Red Fox right now, you have better discipline than I.

I know Red Fox is more than a breakfast spot, but that is my main obsession. I have heard they have very good burgers, but have not had a chance to try them. The deli sandwiches are piled generously with meat, and they have great soups.

So, even though this is bacon week, let me digress. They make all their soups from scratch. For the Beef Barley they even roast their own beef (which is the same they use for the roast beef sandwiches).

This is seriously good soup, and not-so-coincidentally the soup of the day every Wednesday. I have a bit of a soup fetish, and this is one of my favorite local soups. Plenty of barley and very tender and flavorful beef. It’s a Mom and Pop place, so sometimes they throw a curve. One Wednesday I showed up, and there was no Beef Barley. So I had to “settle” for Chicken Noodle. Another fine choice:

The Red Fox Grill is not the kind of place that jumps out to you on the street, but it is an excellent little restaurant with generous portions and friendly staff. It is a family affair with Mom and Dad there most days and help from the three “kids”. Two of them are lawyers, and it always fun to see George helping out in his suit and tie.

If you are looking for a great breakfast sandwich, some fabulous soup, or a huge deli sandwich, you can’t miss. This is definitely one of pFavs. One thing to watch out though, they are old school and are cash only, no credit cards.

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