Eckerlin Meats

by Bryan on March 12, 2010

Time to wrap up Bacon Week here at pFoody. I have already shared some of my favorite bacon prepared foods, I thought it was time to share my favorite place to buy bacon.

Eckerlin Meats is located at Findlay Market and has been around since 1852. They are located on the North side of the market near the North parking lot. They have been my favorite butcher for a long time.

Let’s start with why we came here today. Bacon. Eckerlins has a nice selection of bacon:

They have Hickory Smoked, Applewood, Cajun, and the only one I really care about, Pepper Bacon:

I can remember the first time I had this bacon. Now to be fair, I was coming from Kahn’s grocery store bacon, so just about any other would have been a step up. I know there are more varieties of bacon, but this is my bacon of choice.

Just like Vosges, there is more to Eckerlin than just bacon. Eckerlin has an award-winning Goetta (which frankly deserves its own future post), beef (they have just started carrying All-Natural local sourced), and most of what you would expect from a traditional butcher. Eckerlin is also used by local restaurants, for example, Mayberry gets the ground beef for their burger from Eckerlin.

Eckerlin also sells some prepared foods. They have meatballs, prepared meatloaf mix, ham salad and a number of entrees you just need to cook. They have a number of roulades that they rotate around. Buying their Chicken Cordon Blue inspired me to try the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe I already posted. Theirs is not as good as the one I make, but it is very tasty and a lot more convenient.

They told me their most popular is the Spinach Artichoke stuffed breast. Which sounds OK if it didn’t have, well, spinach and artichokes in it:

I have also had their Buffalo Chicken roulade which has bleu cheese and wings sauce as the filling. I recall it being breaded the first time I had it, but last time it wasn’t. They claim it never was, so you can trust the owners of the shop, or some yahoo with a blog. I remember breading, and I have to say, I liked it better. If I get it again, I will just bread it myself at home. Still easier than hammering out the chicken breast and rolling it myself.

So that is Eckerlin Meats. It is definitely my favorite butcher. We always get our bacon and ground beef there. You can really tell the difference in my wife’s meatloaf when we get the beef from Eckerlin versus a grocery store. The only time I stray from them is when I am getting sausage, but then that is a short walk away, and another post.

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