Fincher’s Bar-B-Q in Macon, GA

by Bryan on May 29, 2009

finchers sign

Yesterday my in-laws arrived with a pound of pulled pork and a pound of Brunswick stew from Fincher’s Bar-B-Q in Macon, GA. This is by far my favorite barbecue, and is really my first barbecue.

I took this picture at Fincher’s in December. Look at that sign. When you see a sign like this there are two options. Either the restaurant is long abandoned, or it is home to some great food. Luckily this place is home to some great barbecue. Here is a link to the Google Street View.

Fincher’s is a vinegar-based barbecue, though not as strongly vinegar-based as one I recently sampled (but that will be another post). It is definitely not the tomato-based sauce many folks expect, and it is delicious.

A little back story. I am a Cincinnati native, so I was quite surprised the first time my wife wanted to go to a BBQ joint. I am sure this is not true of everyone who grew up here, but when folks served BBQ to me growing up, it was basically sloppy joes in a moderately spicy sauce. So I was reticent to go. My first experience at Fincher’s in Macon was a revelation. I suddenly got it.

Here is the Fincher’s Pulled Pork platter:


Clock-wise from the top of the plate:

  • Potato Chips
  • Cole Slaw
  • A Couple pickles
  • Pulled Pork
  • Brunswick Stew

You can see above the plate an extra Brunswick stew and hamburger buns. It is heaven on a divided styrofoam plate.

Brunswick stew is a regional dish. It has various incarnations, but Fincher’s is on the thin side (consistency of Skyline Chili) with corn, celery and some other items. I am hooked on this. Honestly, if my wife would let me I would probably just drink the stuff. Here is what the in-laws arrived bearing:


After some reheating, it plated up like:


Honestly, this post is a reach for this blog. I doubt you are going to rush out to drive to Fincher’s. After all,  it is an 8.5 hour drive from downtown, but if you do find yourself driving through Georgia on I-75, hungry for some barbecue, you should give this place a shot. Just be sure to bring back some pulled pork and Brunswick stew as a thank you.

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