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Queso Producto con Tomate y Chiles Verdes

by bsherm on February 6, 2011

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and that means snacks and dips. I already shared a simple Hummus recipe, today I share an even simpler dip. I used to just call it Rotel, because it was Rotel and Velveeta. I loved the combination, and first encountered it over 25 years ago (ouch… I am old). It was a stand by. My only knock on Rotel wasthat it wasn’t really hot enough, and it’s a little to thin for my taste. They fixed the first problem by coming out with a Hot variety, but I still found the liquid to solid ratio to be less than ideal. It yielded a Queso Dip that was a little too runny for my tastes.

Since abandoning Rotel, I needed a new name. So I am trying Queso Producto con Tomate y Chiles Verdes, or Cheese Product with tomatoes and green chilies in Spanish (I think). Maybe I’ll just stick with Queso Producto.

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