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The Palace Restaurant

by Bryan on October 5, 2009

If there is a a type of restaurant I should never, ever review, it is a place like The Palace. It is fine dining restaurant located in the Cincinnatian hotel. Let me explain. I loved the fact that The Maisonette existed, and was proud that Cincinnati had a place that was 5-star for as long as they were, but I never went. Same with Pigall’s. When they announced they were closing, I briefly debated going to experience it, but it is just not my cup of tea.

But, I have gone to The Palace many times over the years, and have had a mixed experience. To be fair, if there was ever a time that the phrase “It’s me, not you” should be applied, this would be one of them. However, I have enjoyed the latest incarnation of The Palace the best.

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