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On The Road: Nu-Way Weiners in Macon, GA

by Bryan on October 20, 2009

NW-SignI’ve heard of Nu-Way Weiners (Warning: very obnoxious soundtrack on web site) for years. However, since Macon is the home of Fincher’s, I have never ventured to a Nu-Way to sample them. This trip I decided to make the sacrifice, and give it a shot.

Well first off, I am not guilty of a typo in the name of the restaurant. Yes, they spell it “Weiner”. I have heard rumors that that was a miss-spelling on an early sign, and just stuck, but not sure about that story.

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PP-SignCloseupI have wanted to try Maurice Bessinger’s Piggie Park for a while. Maurice’s Barbecue is a mustard-based barbecue, and as I am sure you can tell from the name, primarily pork. On our recent vacation, we planned on stopping at the original in Columbia, SC as we traveled from relatives in Rock Hill, SC to Perry, GA.

Part of the attraction of the place is a family connection. My mother-in-law is a Bessinger, although no one is sure how close that relation is. Maurice is a somewhat controversial figure. Let’s just say, learning that he has even a distant relation to a Sherman probably wouldn’t sit well with him. Luckily my relationship to that “other Sherman” (as he is referred to in my presence down here) is far more tenuous than my mother-in-law’s to Maurice..

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