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Herb & Thelma’s Tavern – Burger Club 2

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by Bryan on November 27, 2015

For our second stop in the Burger Club exploration we picked up two more attendees and headed over to Herb & Thelma’s Tavern in Covington. To say this was a change from our first stop would be an understatement. If you are looking for a wide selection of cheeses and creative toppings, this is not the place for you. To even describe this place as unpretentious seems a little too pretentious. This is a no-nonsense bar that serves hamburgers, but is it any good? Let’s Find out.

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Krueger’s Tavern – Burger Club 1

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by Bryan on August 3, 2015

Our first stop on the pFoody Burger Club expedition was Krueger’s Tavern in OTR. This restaurant is the latest in the group that includes Bakersfield and The Eagle. They are located in the old Lavomatic space, and it has been interesting to see how they have evolved.

The name of the place is an homage to Krueger’s Brewing in New Jersey that in 1935 became the first to sell beer in cans. They have quite the selection of canned beers, but offer only 2 on tap. Coors and a rotating selection. When they opened, they had only one burger, The Krueger, and imported beef from Pat LaFrieda’s in New Jersey.

Since opening, they expanded their line of burgers to 5 (6 if you count the Veggie… I don’t). The burger is now ground in-house. They realized they already had the meat grinding gear for their sausages, so they decided to start grinding their own. I’ve had both, and don’t see a big difference. Ground in-house makes a big difference. So what was the Club’s impressions of the place? Read on to find out.

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pFoody Burger Club

July 29, 2015

Today I am launching a project that really has no end in sight. It is the pFoody Burger Club. The goal is to check out as many of the burgers that Cincinnati has to offer that we can. Over the last few years I have tried to check out as many spots as possible, but […]

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The Non-Definitive Guide to New Cincinnati Classics

July 12, 2015
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Last post I tried to focus on long-time Cincinnati Classics. This post I want to cover the newer places. The problem with this post is there are a LOT of newer places. Since this is ASG inspired, I am going to limit myself to three areas; OTR (just north of downtown, north of Central), the Central […]

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The Non-Definitive Guide to Cincinnati Classics

July 10, 2015

With the upcoming All-Star game, I have begun thinking about one of the original reasons that I wanted to start a site like pFoody. When I was doing more travel, I always wanted to know what places locals recommended. A web site seems to be a pretty effective place to share information like that. So I […]

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Quick Look: SmoQ and the Lunch Deal

February 23, 2011

I have been hearing a lot about the new barbecue restaurant SmoQ (warning, they have a VERY annoying website, turn down the volume before clicking). First I read a glowing review from notoriously picky (meant as a compliment) WineMeDineMe, and then just recently Cincinnati Nomerati added her praise. So when I found myself up that […]

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A Day as a Schlep at Virgil’s Cafe

February 11, 2011

I have won a fair number of nice things on Twitter. Tickets to one of the Cirque shows in town, a UC basketball game, and Skyline Crosstown Shootout paraphernalia. And of course I am always hoping to win one of Scott Bourne’s killer camera give-a-ways (even it it is never Sony Gear). However, the best […]

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Cafe de Wheels Review

August 24, 2010

I have been on a burger discovery lately, and eaten at a lot of burger joints… all for you (yeah, my wife isn’t buying that either). Cafe de Wheels is one of the new food trucks in Cincinnati. They are also the first that is a fully equipped kitchen on wheels.

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Kroeger & Son’s Groupon

August 20, 2010

OK, so I risk becoming the Groupon referral blog, but they have posted their second must-have Groupon of the week. This a $10 for $20 worth of meat. They have an incredible selection of sausage (around 40 kinds according to the Groupon).

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Sugar ‘n Spice Groupon

August 18, 2010

Groupon is one of the many “deal a day” e-mail services you can sign up for. Given the need to have five a week, and the plethora of similar services, the pickings can be slim. Today’s is a winner though. For $6 you get a $15 off your bill (see link for reasonable rules).

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