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Holiday Treats: Snowballs

December 20, 2010

The Holidays, to me, means excuses for making some of my favorite things. First on this list are Snowballs. I have heard these called all kinds of thing. I sometimes just call them Pecan Balls, but have also heard Russian Tea Cakes and Mexican Wedding Cookies. Growing up, these were Aunt Helen’s specialty. I remember […]

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Kroeger & Son’s Groupon

August 20, 2010

OK, so I risk becoming the Groupon referral blog, but they have posted their second must-have Groupon of the week. This a $10 for $20 worth of meat. They have an incredible selection of sausage (around 40 kinds according to the Groupon).

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Eckerlin Meats

March 12, 2010

Time to wrap up Bacon Week here at pFoody. I have already shared some of my favorite bacon prepared foods, I thought it was time to share my favorite place to buy bacon. Eckerlin Meats is located at Findlay Market and has been around since 1852. They are located on the North side of the market near […]

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Chicken Cordon Bleu, Tyler’s Ultimate

October 21, 2009

One of my favorite Food Network shows is Tyler’s Ultimate. Each episode Tyler creates his “ultimate” version of a dish. My first attempt at one of his recipes was his Chicken Corden Bleu. This dish is a roulade, a  flattened chicken breast wrapped around ham and swiss, breaded, and then either baked or fried. Tyler […]

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Project Chocolate Cream Pie

October 8, 2009

So one of my important culinary goals for a while has been to develop a really good Chocolate Cream Pie recipe. As I sit to write this I am suddenly struck by why I have not tried to find a recipe, but I haven’t. Instead I have decided I need to make one myself. At […]

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Tackling Turkey Tamales

October 2, 2009

I am a bit of an Alton Brown fan. When I saw the episode of Good Eats entitled Tamale Never Dies, I knew I had to try my hand at Tamales. I watched the episode a couple of times, read through the recipe and braced myself for the task. One issue I quickly faced was […]

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So How was Twitterlicious?

June 5, 2009

I attended Tyler’s first twitter class that he has dubbed Twitterlicious. So how was it? It was very good. There is definite room for improvement, but it is hard not to pull for someone stepping out and embracing a new technology. Was it perfect? Did it go off without a hitch? No. But it was […]

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Twitterlicious: Tyler Florence’s Twitter Cooking Class

June 3, 2009
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Tyler Florence announced on Twitter this week that he was going to do a Twitter cooking class. If you are on Twitter and haven’t already, you really should follow @TylerFlorence. If you are interested in the class, he has set up a Twitterlicious Twibe for the class.

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The Horse Birthday Cake

May 30, 2009

My son just turned two and has become obsessed with horses. I decided to try to make him a horse cake for his birthday. I searched for designs on the Internet, and most seemed pretty wasteful. I found one I wanted to attempt at Frankly, I moderately shocked myself by pulling it off. I […]

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The Deviled Egg: Food of the Gods

May 25, 2009

In theory, deviled Egg season began in earnest this weekend. I say in theory because I do not follow the convention that deviled eggs are a summer food. I like them year ’round.  I have been mocked by friends when I show up at a wintertime soiree with deviled eggs in tow. To be clear, […]

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