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by Bryan on June 3, 2009

Tyler Florence announced on Twitter this week that he was going to do a Twitter cooking class. If you are on Twitter and haven’t already, you really should follow @TylerFlorence. If you are interested in the class, he has set up a Twitterlicious Twibe for the class.

Here is an excerpt from his twitterstream discussing the idea.

I’m working on a twitter “cooking school” idea, would you guys be into that? from web

Twitterlicious. We’ll do it once a week. I’ll bring up the cooking topic, give you clear ideas on how to do it and then class discussion. from web

So we’re doing this then.Thanks for all the feed back. I’m going to work out a few logistics over the weekend and get back to you Monday. from web

Quick update on our cooking school idea. We’re meeting about it in an hour and plan to go live with it this Friday. Fingers crossed… from web

OK so here is where we are. I’m going to post 5 different dishes on my site in about an hour. You vote and that is what talk about in class. from web

Class will be on Friday, so you have time to get the ingredients for the weekend if you want to cook what we’ve just talked about. from web

It will be a cooking school class set up so we all need to be on the same page with the Q&A. from web

It will be a cooking School dedicated to you the home cook, helping you get dinner on the table and looking a rock star at the same time. from web

Class starts Friday. Lets do this! from web

Just started a Twibe. Visit… to join. from web

I really love this idea. It’s obvious that Tyler is interested in connecting with his fans, and is also willing to jump in and just try it. I have not seen the five dishes posted on his web site yet for voting, but he did mention what the five options will be:

after you vote, the number one dish of the week will be our class topic. Perfect French Fries, Ultimate Ribs, Birthday Cake, Rack of lamb. from web

I am looking forward to this first event. I have benefited from a number of Tyler Florence recipes including his Chicken Cordon Bleu from Tyler’s Ultimate and even going back to his Chicken Green Chile from the How to Boil Water days. I probably will tune in even if it is Rack of Lamb (not a lamb fan) just to see what other tips I’ll pick up that I can apply to other things.

I will update this post with more details as they come out, or check Tyler’s website for details. Now if we could just get him to tone down the over the top web site… don’t get me wrong there is a LOT of great content, it’s just hidden under a lot of over-design. Then again, that’s MY issue being a web curmudgeon and all..

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