What is pFoody.com?

by Bryan on May 25, 2009

I decided to create pFoody.com as an outlet for my food-related musings. The focus for this site is food. This can mean eating (restaurants, stores, mail order sources), making (baking, cooking), or the tools I like to use (egg cooker, pans, pressure cooker).

The Name

At this stage of the game (2009) it can be difficult to come up with a good name. I settled on pFoody.com because it is:

  1. Short
  2. Easy to Remember
  3. Has a narrative I can build around it

The first two are pretty self-explanatory. As for the narrative, let me explain the components.

The root

At the core is the term “foodie”. A quick look at Merriam-Webster’s yields the following definition:

food·ie: pronunciation \?fü-d?\noun :a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads

Well, frankly, I am not comfortable with applying this term to myself. I have an avid interest, but I am not on the cutting edge of the latest fads. It also seems many true foodies are quite the connoisseurs of Wine and Beer, or at least coffee. I can’t stand any of it. I never developed a taste for alcohol, so I find that they all taste like cough syrup, and coffee, well lets not focus on that.

So I started calling myself a “psuedo-foodie”. Then when I decided to create a blog dedicated to food, since I did not think food posts on my blue collar design site would mesh well, I tried to come up with a register-able name. I actually sent out a tweet soliciting input with a very brief description of what I was going for and that I was just a Psuedo-Foodie. Curt from bucky’s barbecue & bread suggested pfeudie. I liked it. But it didn’t score well in my easy to remember category. I did like the German ‘pf’ (having German roots myself) so it started me down the path.

The silent p

So I decided to add a silent ‘p’ to represent that I was a psuedo, partial, and practical foodie and I will strive to not be a pretentious foodie.

But Y?

And finally, I replace the ‘ie’ with a ‘y’ because, well frankly I like the strong ‘y’ over the week ‘i’ (see my first name) and it is one character shorter.

So there you have it, pFoody.com was born. Pronounced \?fü-d?\ and hopefully posts far more interesting than this one.


To start this blog off on the right foot, I want ahead and imported some past posts on my Walkerstreet.org blog and edited them to fit on this site.

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