Eggs-Zavier Week

by bsherm on January 3, 2011

This is Crosstown Shootout week in Cincinnati. The Crosstown Shootout is the annual game between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. They are not really crosstown, approximately 3 miles separates the two campuses, but it is a long-standing rivalry.

As a UC grad (BA Econ, MBA) I have watched many a crosstown shootout. So, why would I name a week after a rival school? Well, Xavier fans can be a little touchy about the pronunciation of their school’s name. See, they like to pronounce it “Zavier”. I can remember their first Sweet-16 run when the announcer continually miss-pronounced it. I had mixed emotions about that. On the one hand it was yet another example of sloppy sports journalism, but on the other hand I was rather amused by it all.

So, in proper rival mode, I like to pronounce Xavier “Eggs-Zavier”. Then I thought “hey, I have a food blog, and I’ve wanted to share some tips I have learned about eggs”, what a great combination. So here is the inaugural Egg-Zavier week.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. I wish no ill will on Xavier grads. I mean, they have enough problems being Xavier grads, I don’t want to add to it. Some of my best friends are Xavier grads… well, maybe not my best friends, but I do know some nice folks that went to X. On top of that, I don’t want to hold a poor decision someone made in their teens against them. So this is all meant in good fun.

Here is how the week will unfold:

  • Tuesday: Scrambled Eggs. It seems like a boring dish. Kind of like a mid-major basketball team, but I have learned some tips that have raised it out of mid-major status.
  • Wednesday: Cheese Omelette. Omelettes can seem a little fussy, we are going back to the basics here, and learning some tips that end up being the opposite of scrambled eggs.
  • Thursday (Crosstown Shootout Day): A special omelette to commemorate the game.
  • Friday: An egg dish that can serve to either celebrate your victory, or assuage the pain of defeat. (For you Xavier Grads, assuage means to  lessen the intensity of something that pains or distresses, or to make it simpler, make you not feel so bad).

So this week is all about eggs. I hope you learn something. I’ll end this with one other tip. If you are having trouble getting a Xavier Grad off your porch, just pay them for the pizza.

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