Eggs-Zavier Week: 3-Way Omelette

by bsherm on January 6, 2011

Today is Crosstown Shootout day, and we reach the penultimate post of Eggs-Zavier week. Skyline has sponsored the Crosstown Shootout for a long time, so to honor this, we are going to combine the 3-way with the omelette to create the delicious 3-way omelette.

There is some dispute about the originator of this dish. My wife claims that she suggested it to me, I clearly recall thinking of it as a fun twist on my own. My heart says I added the twist, but my brain says, she it usually right. Regardless, this ain’t rocket science. Essentially, you start with the concept of the 3-way (spaghetti, chili, cheese) and swap the omelette for the spaghetti. I use 4 ounces of Skyline, cheese, and make my 2-egg omelette. I am sure others have independently come up with this same dish.

You have two options. You can simply ladle the chili over the omelette and cover with cheese for a more authentic 3-way look, or fill the omelette with cheese and chili for a more authentic omelette look. I prefer the filled approach.

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The only thing you add to the omelette is:

  1. 4 ounces Skyline Chili (or 2 Iced Chili Cubes – see below) warmed up.
  2. Cheese. Most authentic is mild cheddar, I prefer sharp cheddar.
  3. Optional: Oyster crackers for garnish.


You are basically making the omelette with one of two variations:

  • Add a cheese and chili filling.
  • Cover in chili and cheese when complete.

The second option is the easiest, just add the last step, I am going to do a quick walk through of the first.

  • 9a Add Cheese down the center.
  • 9b Add chili on cheese, followed by a little more cheese

and then continue as directed.

If you want to add another nice touch, garnish with oyster crackers. Here is the completed omelette:

To get the full effect, here is the omelette cut:

Tips & Options

  • Iced Chili Cubes. Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for an odd amount of something? I mean, when is the last time you saw 4 ounces Skyline Chili packets for sale? Here I use a trick learned from my wife. When our son was eating baby food, she would make her own, and freeze in ice-cube trays. A typical Ice Cube tray is 2 ounces, so I can easily microwave two cubes to put in my omelette any time.
  • Cheese Options. As mentioned, the most authentic is mild cheddar. I like Sharp, but you can try other options. To get the Skyline Chili Dip effect, you could fill with chili and cream cheese, and cover with cheddar.

So there you have it, the 3-Way Omelette in honor of the Crosstown Shootout. Here is hoping my Bearcats enjoy their own Crosstown Eggs-Zavier omelette this evening. Check in tomorrow for what I hope is the victory breakfast.

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