The Five R’s of pFoody Reviews

by Bryan on November 27, 2015

I’ve been debating with myself over some sort of rating system. I’m not thinking of a scale to compare places, just a quick capsule of what folks thought. I hesitated to embrace a simple numbering system, yet somehow ended up with a five point scale. So future reviews, and I may return to older, will provide one of the pFoody 5 R’s.

Retreat (or Run): If someone suggested this place, you would make yourself scarce. Even if you felt compelled to go for the company, you would stick to water. For me, this would be Gold Star.

Relent: If the crowd you were hanging with was set on going, you may try to change their mind, but in the end, you would go along. This is Rock Bottom for me.

Return: You would have no issue returning. Likely not suggest it, but have no problem going. For me this is Bangkok Express. Nothing special, but scratches that General Tso itch.

Recommend: You would have no issue throwing this place in the hat. For me this is First Watch. Solid place.

Recruit: This is a place you would actively evangelize. Ruthai Thai Cuisine fits this category.

So look for the 5 R’s in future reviews, and I’ll leave this here to try to explain it all.

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