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A Day as a Schlep at Virgil’s Cafe

by bsherm on February 11, 2011

I have won a fair number of nice things on Twitter. Tickets to one of the Cirque shows in town, a UC basketball game, and Skyline Crosstown Shootout paraphernalia. And of course I am always hoping to win one of Scott Bourne’s killer camera give-a-ways (even it it is never Sony Gear). However, the best contest victory, by far, was winning Virgil Cafe’s “be a schlep for a day” contest. Ironically I had no idea what I had won. I re-tweeted the contest because it was a local restaurant on my to-do list, and I wanted to help them spread the word. However, just before Christmas, Matt let me know I had won. I joked about having won a “major award” (a reference Matt got immediately) but little did I know how major it was.

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Shadeau Breads

by Bryan on October 14, 2008

One of the many great things about living where we are is Shadeau Breads. It is located on Main Street in OTR.

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