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The Horse Birthday Cake

by Bryan on May 30, 2009

My son just turned two and has become obsessed with horses. I decided to try to make him a horse cake for his birthday. I searched for designs on the Internet, and most seemed pretty wasteful. I found one I wanted to attempt at

Frankly, I moderately shocked myself by pulling it off. I am a better than average baker (imo), and enjoy baking, but decorating has never been my strong suit. So, this is obviously a well thought out and described design.

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Take the Cake: Sweets

by Bryan on May 28, 2009

Take the Vake CupcakesTake the Cake has been around for a fairly long time. I first encountered it on Main Street and was sad to see them move to Northside (right after we moved to the neighborhood, I tried not to take it personally).  I only made it to their first Northside location once, but have made several trips to the new “Take The Cake Cafe” which now serves savory lunch items to complement the sweet baked goods.

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